Joss Garnier App Launches

Joss Garnier Personal Trainer

UK-based personal trainer, Joss Garnier has today revealed his brand-new fitness app called the Unique Fit App. Like him, the Unique Fit App is designed to help users achieve their desired fitness goals while having fun.  The 30-year-old fitness coach pioneered the app with the help of his partner Hanne Rindal. Joss Garnier lives in the UK… Continue reading Joss Garnier App Launches

Joss Garnier Launches Fitness App

Joss Garnier Personal Trainer

Experienced UK-based personal fitness trainer, Joss Garnier, announces the launch of Unique Fit App, a user-friendly fitness app designed to help users stay healthy regardless of their location worldwide Joss Garnier has again reiterated his goal of helping as many people in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world stay healthy and fit… Continue reading Joss Garnier Launches Fitness App

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